I want to set up a motorized microscope with XYZ, 2 limits

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I am a newby trying to use 3D printer software to program a motorized microsco


  • I am a newby trying to use 3D printer software to operate a motorized microscope (XYZ,2 limits).  I have gotten Pronterface to move a motor in test mode, but I am a long way from a reasonable control scheme.

    I wonder if Repetier can be used for this task, particularly in tuning the GUI interface to the commands I need and deleting those I don’t.
  • It really depends on your requirements. Repetier-Server is by now fairly good configureable. You can write own commands or make other commands being replaced by something else. You can replace head type so it does not require temperatures. But in the end it is a 3d printer software so it has many functions that make more sense for them and are not removeable (unless you edit the gui sources but that needs to be repeated on every release).
    Moving the 3 motors is not problem. You can also run gcode to move and there is a server command to make images.

    If that is good enough for you is up to you. You can also write a own gui using our api so you have communication through us and all functions but limit the gui the small part that is relevant for you and you can still switch to our gui e.g. for configration. No problem with some javascript/html skills.
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