How to set DualExtruder up with Ramps 1.4

i'm using the Ramps 1.4 Board.
Im Confused by the Heatingports. Which Heater-Port are mapped to d8/d9/d10?
Also im wondering how to set it up in RepetierHost itself.

Googled around a while, but didnt find an explanation for that. Repetier Host just wont heat up my Extruders (Bed not connected yet).
Temperature-Readings are good.

Any idea?



  • For RAMPS
    HEATER_0_PIN is D10
    HEATER_1_PIN is D8 since 1 is always bed
    HEATER_2_PIN is D9 but FAN is is also 9, so make sure to have fan not enabled or set to a different pin if you have a extension board.

    In Host make sure you have not only set a temperature but also enabled heater (flat button left of slider). If it is crossed it is not enabled.

    Also check log if firmware did go into dry run mode for some errors like not connected bed etc.

  • Thank you very much, now it works all as it should :)

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