Object Sizing won't unlock

So, I want to make my object longer but retain the diameter.  I click unlock in the sizing section.  I change "Y" to 1.5.  "X" and "Z" remain at 1.  But, the new little "MM" boxes you added on the last update all change.  And the diameter of my object changes.  And everything is out of proportion.  So, can you fix this problem or am I required to do something new to unlock the new boxes?  I've already uninstalled and gone back to the older version.  But sometime, I'd like to upgrade.  


  • There is in deed a bug in scaling that when you leave scale dialog and open it again all scale factors get multiplied with it self. That will be fixed in 2.2.2

    But the behaviour you describe I can not reproduce. The maximum the sizes change is some rounding differences when scaling changes, but only at irrelevant digits.  Do x/z get multiplied by 1.5 in your case?
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