Artillery additional balitensen fitted

Hi new to this 3d printing fitted this glass to hot bed but now find that when the extruder unit parks hitting the bed.How do I adjust this so it doesn't happen. Print is great now since bed is really level now.


  • What do you exactly want? Heating with extruder not touching bed? I guess G28 is responsible for this and you have it in your slicer start gcode. Just add a 
    G1 Z10 F600
    after it if you want to heat with extruder in the air.
  • Thanks for that I will try later today
  • Still having problems with the extruder touching the print. Have levelled bed and increased z hop to 2.0 and still hits the print .
  • When does it hit the print? Even without hop that would normally only happen on flat angles with warping. If you hit bed at layer 1 printer is not calibrated correctly. G28 should at best just slightly touch the bed, so that first layer 0.2mm would not hit it at all.
  • Normally hits the print during infill and long runs.
  • If it happens later in the print and not on layer 1 it is normally not leveling dependent. Is your extrusion well calibrated? One other reason is when you extruder more then needed for 100% so the extra filament stacks up until you hit it. Without images I can not say more, just wild guesses. 
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