M42 P40 S255 ; Enable Fan Board

with the new update does not work the command M42 to turn on fans
20: 15: 22,546: Errore: Pin non può essere impostata da M42, può in invalido o in uso.
use Alligator Board



  • M42 prevents use of sensitive pins (a list in pins.h). For fan you should use M106/M107 to change values.
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    a pin to be inserted into the board fans start G-code
    It worked well with previous firmware
    alligator pin board 40

  • Just checked config and pin 40 is not used by alligator definition, so that should work. What wonders me is the error message which is not english. Repetier-Firmware has only english error messages, so maybe you are using Marlin?
  • I am loyal Repetier DeltaPrinter for life.

    PWM outputs pin 36,40,41
    36 Board with fans start G-code
    40 and reserved
    41 for Light and command M355 S1

    these responses Host
    17:08:55.586 : N31 M42 S255 P40 *50
    17:08:55.601 : Error:Pin can not be set by M42, may in invalid or in use.
    17:09:15.912 : N38 M42 S255 P41 *58
    17:09:15.928 : Error:Pin can not be set by M42, may in invalid or in use.
    17:09:25.428 : N42 M42 S255 P36 *55
    17:09:25.428 : Set output: 36 to 255

  • I have checked the sources and you get this message only if the pin number is in sensitive pins. FAN_PIN and LED_PIN get added to sensitive pin, so if you have set it to 40 and 41 in your pins.h you can not set it with M42 that is correct. LED_PIN and FAN_PIN have specific usages and are used by firmware so you need to use firmware commands to control them not 42. If you want M42 don't set them in pins.h.
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    OK thanks.
    I am sure that in the previous version all ok
    I try to install version in May
    I always had M42 P40 S255; activate Fan Board
    My start in the G-code.
    I almost burned the Board with the new version
    with the temperatures of these days
  • > Maralb> if I Zprobe and Z-correction (distortion correction) everything works fine with M42
    if not active have problems with answers.
  • Interesting thing since that should have nothing to do with the problem. That lead me to an idea what the real problem is. Seems like pins were stored in an int array which is treated as bytes causing it to test more bytes then present.

    Please check if it now also works with newest update. I think that should fix the problem.
  • everything perfect with the new update
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