Corexy does only run 1 motor


I am testing my custom core xy laser engraver/cutter in manual mode without end stops just 3 motors ( xy and z).  using a arduino mega. When I am configure the firmware  at the site and use one of the core xy options my Y motor doesn't rotate.
When I put the in Cartesian I can control all motors.  I change the pin lay out to :

X-step 54
X-Dir  55
X-Ena  56

Y-step 57
Y-Dir  58
Y-Ena  59

Z-step 46
Z-Dir  47
Z-Ena 48

But this should not be the problem I guess because its works in Cartesian mode. What is the fix for this ?
Tested on both of the firmware version 0.92 and 1.04.


  • Check what M114 says. Is y end stop triggered? If so repair and also make sure ALWAYS_CHECK_ENDSTOPS is 0.
    Does Y motor get enabled (blocking)? 
  • M114 gives the coordinates so 0,0,0 M119 gives the end stop information but for both y end stop low and high it doesn't work. Connected some leds to the output pins for the motors, and it gives step and Dir signal to both motors. The enable pin of both motors are low. But that is needed for these motors if I make the signal high they both don't run. I tested with other motors, other cables, other choices for pin outputs. I think it's in the pulse signal maybe this differers for corexy for the y motor? Because when set the drive system configuration to 0, both motors work.

    I am using closed loop servo motors of type jmc-ihsv57-30-18-36-180w-servo
  • Found the solution changed this settings
    #define STEPPER_HIGH_DELAY 2
    #define DIRECTION_DELAY 2
  • I see. Motor driver timings were to slow for the firmware speed.
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