Temp changes do not change in Gcode

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If I make changes to my filament temps in Slic3r Configuration, save changes, then slice with the newly created settings. Then go to G Code editor to check the code before starting the print the temp settings do not show the correct temps as I have created.

As an example my Configuration for Filament Settings show Extruder 1st layer =  265, Bed 1st layer= 100

G Code editor after slice

M190 S115: set bed temperature and wait for it to be reached
M104 S270: set temperature

How do I make changes in my configuration take affect? I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Repetier Host, it seems to not completely uninstall with the installer. After reinstall Host still has the previously created configurations as well as the same behavior.

Windows 10 Repetier Host V2.1.6


  • Make sure the filament settings you changed in slic3r is the same setting set in host in slicer tab!
  • Pretty sure I did as you say. I made temp changes to Slic3r/filament settings from the Configuration button in the Host Slicer tab. Then sliced with the profile just created ans saved. Open G Code editor to check and see incorrect temp settings. If I go ahead and print the printer follows the G Code temps.

    I have been trying all day to upload screenshots of my Slicer settings and Gcode, but unable to get a link to the OneDrive file. Another issue to resolve. I'll show a link asap.
  • You can also use e.g- imgur.com to share images.
  • Thank You, I had given up on photo hosting sites since Photobucket went bad. Lost a lot of photos because of their rediculess cost structure change.

    Anyway here is a screenshot of the filament temps in Host/Slicer/Slic3r/filament

    Here is a screenshot of the G Code tab
  • Strange thing. Tried to change it my self and it was not coped just like in your case. I saw a setting I did not like in print settings, so changed and saved it and then filament changes were used. After that I changed filament settings again and they were copied again correctly, so can not reproduce it after this on print save.

    Can you check if the same happens to you? One reason might be that print contained filament settings as well so these were used, also they should not contain them. Question is than how did they come into that file. It can happen if you copy a full ini file with temperatures to that folder instead of the print part only. Host just mixes the config files for slicer.
  • Thank you.

    The first was just an  example of what the issue is. It was a Benchy STL that I got off Thingaverse. I loaded a different STL into Repetier, made a change in my Slicer/Configuration/Print Settings, Saved then Sliced. Checked G Code and the temps are the same as shown above. 115 bed, 270 nozzle.

    I then went back into Slicer/Configuration/Filament and changed the temps Saved/Sliced again. same results. No change in temperature.

    I went back and loaded 1 more STL file just before posting. Sliced with the same settings. Opened G Code Editor and see the same incorrect temps. So it seeems to be an issue with my Slic3r or Repetier install rather than the downloaded STL files. Unless that is what is expected from Thingaverse files. IDK maybe.

    Here is a copy of one of the files I downloaded. Not the benchy, this is the second one I tried. Much smaller file.

    Not sure if that link will work. It is a zip file that is saved in my OneDrive.

  • I just went back to Repetier, loaded the same small STL as in the link above. Used Cura Slicer. I first went into Cura Slicer settings and set my temps. Saved Sliced. Checked my G Code in G Code editor. Do not see the expected temps again. Although I am not at all familiar with Cura. But I did look for M190 and M104 also M109. None of those had expected temperatures.

    That was just an experiment might not mean anything. But I did not see expected temps.

    Strange I agree.
  • With slic3r I mean to edit your selected print configuration and safe it again. That is when it stopped making that strange problem for me. It is not stl dependent. It must be in the slic3r config files and since I saved it again it was rewritten without the problem causing it.
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