is it possible to set 1 fps time lapse ?

I want a snapshot at every layer but the lowest option is 10 fps ? 


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    e.framerates=[{v:10,n:"10 fps"},{v:12,n:"12 fps"

    e.framerates=[{v:1,n:"1 fps"},{v:10,n:"10 fps"

  • The MJPG framerate settings have nothing to do with timelapse speed. In printer -> webcam->timelapse you define when to make a snapshot.
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    yes but I only get every 10th snapshot showing because the lowest setting was 10fps ? 

    I am wanting image on every layer not based on print time 

    ie) @ 10 FPS 4 hrs 400 layers being 40 sec footage ,
    if I was doing 60fps it was only 6 second video ?

    also how can video files be recovered ? I had a print stop for unknown reason and lost footage of the initial part of the print and only got the footage from when I resumed it?

    also anyway to have a Overlay showing temps / Z height ? possibly speeds ? on the video footage 

  • Ok, small misunderstanding. I thought you meant the mjpg fps setting, but you mean the setting for conversion. I can add 5 and 1 as well to list for those wanting a slow and long video:-)

    There is no way to recover/combine images from different prints. Continuing a print that lost connection is for the timelapse system a new print - in fact it is a new print just skipping the starting part. If you do not delete images after video creation you might be able to make a new video or combine both videos with a tool. That's all I could think of. Maybe I get an idea in future on how to better detect recovered prints, but actually I do not even know where the previous print would be. I could assume the last one stored and would be correct, except if timelapse was enabled later. So always some edge cases.

    Overlays are not possible except a static image you define with watermark. On my future list with low urgency.

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