strange infinite lines extending off model

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This happens when I slice a model in cura externally sometimes and import the gcode into repetier.  It doesnt happen in printrun or any other gcode software I've tried except repetier.  It also doesnt happen in all models, it seems like maybe it happens a lot when a model isnt watertight, but this one is, definitely I triple checked it was fine and it still had the lines.   It also doesnt happen on the same model when i slice it internally.  I'm using "arc welder" in cura to optimize the gcode maybe that's why?

  Not sure what's going on, but it's unprintable in repetier becuase of this it shows the estimated time will be 8 hours so I assume it will actually try to print these lines.

repetier 2.1.6


  • Doe snot mean it really needs 8 hours. But host seems to assume very extreme coordinates here so printing time gets high. Question is if they are really that high and what gcode causes it. Go to Edit G-Code and try by marking which lines cause it. Marked lines become yellow so should be easy to find out which gcode causes these lines and then check why.
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    oh great ok ill check that thanks

    ok i found it... its on layer 12.  g3 x35.685 x37.693 i-108705.468 j-58650.253 e11.34829

    Why would only repetier read it that way and pronterface its fine? 

    I guess I can just delete it?

  • I sliced one without arc welder.  There was no line.  That appears to be the problem.
  • A circle with i-108705.468 = 108 meter offset is in deed a big one. Host tries to draw the arc. Probably just precision related. With that offset you should maybe just use a line. As long as you neglect the arc you will not see the problem until you try to print it.
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