The LEDs in the board melzi.

Motherboard melzi. LEDs on it no signs of life with firmware repetier. The article about the tests referred to LEDs. "If you have PID enabled for your extruder, you will see the led starting to flicker when it comes within + / 10 ° C of the target temperature." I found a place in the firmware PID but do not know that there can be change. Prompt please.


  • First question would be does hot end get hot?

    If yes, the next question is are the LEDs hard wired or do they need to be enabled by software. I have no Melzi for testing myself, so I do not know.

    Also always check the log. Repetier firmware has a mode called dry run (can be set in debug options) and in dry run mode hot ends do not get turned on.
  • On the first question is not clear. The hot end includes. With some firmware immediately begins to warm up with the other not, but somehow included. He never shuts posde inclusion in this problem. I changed my card and the printer works. But LEDs are off none of the board firmware repetier. They are lit at power and heating of hot flashes at the end with some kind of base firmware which I got them from China. Burn firmware marlin. But do not burn the firmware sprinter and even firmware based repetier that the seller set for the assembly put in a box. I would like to understand why.
  • Today I noticed that the LEDs still lit, but very dimly. These boards may use different resistance in the firmware have to be able to select the desired value.
  • While controlling with PID hotend gets a PWM signal meaning it goes on and off in fast sequence. That can look like a dim led or a flickering led. That would be ok.
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