How to configure my printer with Ultratronics board and repetier firmware from scratch

Hello ,

I am new in the world of 3d Printing and i just got one from a friend and i have to give him life

Some mechanics:

X and Y axis moves with stepmotors and leadscrew ( 1 motor pro axis)

Z axis ist designed to move with 3 Steppmotors (i dont really know how to control them yet) so i am using at the moment only one  Z axis.

1 Extruder + 1 Thermnistor + Fan

1 Heatbded + 1 Thermistor


Ultratronics Board v1.0
12 und 24 Voilt power supply

6 Step drivers fro Motors( i dont know which ones has )


After i spent a lot of time i found only the firmware from Repetier works with my Board

Repetier - Host to control my Printer

Later Cura to print

Since i am a nooby to this feld (i just got started)  i need some help to configure it. Can someone give me some tipps hoe to start ??

I have managed to cotrol the 3 AXis (X,Y,Z with endstops ) udn i can set on the heat bed and the heat end at the extruder udn read the Temperatur from the Thermistors

Thanx a lot to hear me

I am looking forward from your guide!!  (Configuration.h)

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