My Temps Do Not "Stick"

I am very new to 3D Printing. But I have been given a DaVinci 1.0a printer. I installed a E3D-V6 hotend and Repetier firmware 0.92.10M version. Also installed Repetie-Host V2.16.

I can get it to print, but not dependable. I can connect from my computer to my printer dependably. And load prints in Repetier and slice them. The trouble is that I can make my temperature settings in the Slicer configuration settings and they don't change in the print. I make a temp setting and "save" then slice, then print. I go to Manual tab in Repetier to watch the print and the temp has not changed to my set point. For either the filament or bed temp.

I have set my Printer Settings tab in Repetier-Host and the Extruder temps are set at the highest point I want the temps to go. Max Extruder-285C, Max Bed-110C.

I have found that the temps do not change in either Slic3r or Cura slicers from the Slicers tab in Repetier-Host.

Anybody able to tell me why my temps don't   "stick?"  I assume that other changes I make in the slicer settings also don't stick, but hard to check without proper temps.



  • Quite high values - check first in host extruder configuration if you exceeded the max. values set there or they map them back.
    Then check the generated gcode if they have the temperatures for M104/M140/M109/M190. Also firmware has max. values and if you exceed them firmware will reduce them to internal max values. So first check where they get set and reduced. In host activate log and check send commands so you see what gets send. A good test would be to manually set these temperatures and see if you succeed.
  • Thank you for the reply.

    The values I set as Max are 285C because that is the highest temp that is suggested by E3d-V6 hot end. I am trying to print with ABS and it's upper limit suggestion is 265, so I figured there is a little cushion. The bed temp I set is based on the ABS temp suggestion of 100c also upper temp limit. I have been unable to find the specs on the DaVinci.

    As I said I am very new to printing, if you feel that I have set my temps too high feel free to help.

    I will check now the points you make.

    Thank you,
  • For some reason my temps did work for 1 print. Then I changed temps and they did not change for the print.

    Here are some screenshots,

    These were all done at the same time. Today

    As an aside issue when I click on Kill Print or Emergency Stop it takes quite some time for the printer to respond.  1 minute or so. I would think that Emergency Stop certainly would be instantaneous, or nearly. My computer does reliably connect to the printer with the Connect button.

    Sorry I could not insert photos.


  • Emergency stop sends M112 to printer. Firmware decides when it interprets it. Newer firmwares often have a emergency parser to handle this faster. We also toggle dtr/rts but that does only work on printers where this causes a reset. So in worst case the printer has to finish some moves before the emergency stop is executed.

    Regarding temperature problem none of the pictures is helpful. In host uncheck remove temp requests from log, activate ack and commands in log and set temperature to 285 and see what happens in log. Do you see M104 S285 - if so does firmware report 285 as set temperture afterwards or does someone inject another M104 command or does firmware set it to a different value. Then you know why it gets reduced to something else.

    You seem to use Marlin - no idea how marlin handles max. temperatures. But you should see what it makes out of it.

  • What leads you to think that I use Marlin? Isn't Marlin a firmware as Repetier is? If I am using Marlin I am unaware of it or how to use it. Perhaps that is my trouble, but I don't think that I am using Marlin. My third picture shows Repetier firmware.

    I set my temp in manual control with the slide button as well as the digits to 285. As soon as I ticked on the nozzle  the temp dropped to 270.

    I then changed the temps in filament settings to 285 nozzle and 100 bed. Then saved settings and loaded an object in slicer, sliced and clicked print. In manual control tab it shows temp settings of 110 bed and 270 nozzle. Another thing that I noticed is the temp shown on the screen of the printer showed bed temp of 115. I don't have a bed temp of 115 setting anywhere that I am aware of.

    I let the bed temp run for some time to see if the temps would change. They didn't. At a bed temp of 72 I clicked on Kill Print the bed continued to rise until 79 when I clicked on Emergency Stop. The bed temp continued to rise I let it go to see how long it would take before stopping. The bed temp went all the way up to 115 then the nozzle started heating. At that point I turned off the printer with the power switch.

    I did try again to set the temp after setting the firmware to create a log. I then set the temp to 285 nozzle. and clicked the nozzle on. the temp dropped to 270. Here is part of what I see in the log,

    > 10:08:55.544 : T:20.25 / 0 B:37.48 / 0 B@:0 @:0
    > 10:08:56.531 : wait
    < 10:08:56.747 : N36 M104 T0 S285*27
    > 10:08:56.747 : ok 36
    > 10:08:56.747 : TargetExtr 0:270
    > 10:08:57.751 : wait
    < 10:08:58.538 : N37 M105*19
    > 10:08:58.538 : ok 37
    > 10:08:58.553 : T:20.25 /270 B:37.10 / 0 B@:0 @:255
    > 10:08:59.541 : wait
    > 10:09:00.529 : wait
    > 10:09:01.532 : wait
    < 10:09:01.648 : N38 M105*28
    > 10:09:01.648 : ok 38
    > 10:09:01.664 : T:21.00 /270 B:37.18 / 0 B@:0 @:255
    > 10:09:02.636 : wait
    > 10:09:03.639 : wait
    > 10:09:04.643 : wait
    < 10:09:04.658 : N39 M105*29
    > 10:09:04.658 : ok 39
    > 10:09:04.674 : T:23.62 /270 B:37.18 / 0 B@:0 @:255
    > 10:09:05.662 : wait
    > 10:09:06.665 : wait
    > 10:09:07.653 : wait
    < 10:09:07.684 : N40 M105*19
    > 10:09:07.684 : ok 40
    > 10:09:07.699 : T:28.19 /270 B:37.18 / 0 B@:0 @:255
    > 10:09:08.687 : wait
    > 10:09:09.675 : wait

    I do see the M104 TO S285*27 command that must correspond to when I set that temp. Then it bumped down to 270. I scrolled down the log and next M104 I found,

    > 10:13:05.923 : T:235.30 /270 B:34.27 / 0 B@:0 @:255
    > 10:13:06.911 : wait
    > 10:13:07.899 : wait
    < 10:13:08.871 : N119 M104 T0 S271*44
    > 10:13:08.871 : ok 119
    > 10:13:08.871 : TargetExtr 0:270
    < 10:13:08.933 : N120 M105*36
    > 10:13:08.933 : ok 120
    > 10:13:08.933 : T:236.26 /270 B:34.20 / 0 B@:0 @:255
    < 10:13:09.118 : N121 M104 T0 S271*39
    > 10:13:09.118 : ok 121
    > 10:13:09.118 : TargetExtr 0:270
    < 10:13:09.372 : N122 M104 T0 S272*39

    Here is a link to the log,

  • Ok you are using repetier firmware:-)

    < 10:08:56.747 : N36 M104 T0 S285*27
    > 10:08:56.747 : ok 36
    > 10:08:56.747 : TargetExtr 0:270

    shows clearly it is the firmware where you have a hard limit of 270°C so firmware reduces it to 270 if you try anything higher.

    You have
    #define UI_SET_MAX_EXTRUDER_TEMP 270
    and more important
    // When temperature exceeds max temp, your heater will be switched off.
    // This feature exists to protect your hotend from overheating accidentally, but
    // *NOT* from thermistor short/failure!
    #define MAXTEMP 260

    where the firmware limits come from. So increase these in configuration.h and upload new firmware and it should be accepted.
  • Very good now we are getting somewhere.

    I have found and looked at the online configuration tool Repetier has. Is there a way that I can download my current configuration from my printer as a backup in case I make a mistake with my soon to be created new configuration? On my printer I see the option to "store EEPROM" but when I click on that it don't seem to actually do anything.

  • No you can't simply save it. Maybe bootloader can do that but I'm not aware of this. eeprom is just last setting in eeprom that you save. Not the real executeable which is stored in flash. You would get that when you compile with last config file. Maybe you have still the binary from last configuration stored?
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