Azteeg x3 with Viki2 Crash

Finishing up a new build (3rd design- previous machines running great on Azteeg boards with viki1) and am having intermittent crashes. Have checked all connections, well grounded, no apparent static discharges, 360 watt power supply at steady 12v. Using latest runtime repetier version. The machine runs great, but sometimes the viki2 goes blank and the machine stops then reboots. Anyone ever see this? Possible causes?


  • Connect to a host and see restart message in console when it restarts. watchdog or reset or brown out are all possible reasons.
  • Thanks, I'll install host and give it a try.
  • Problem solved! (Blushing) It turns out a wire would work it's way to the reset button and hit it... A little cable management and it works great. I did install the host software and am finding it very useful, so thanks for the suggestion!
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