Dual Z motor with one driver

Hi !

I'm using two nema 23 with the board Ramps 1.4 and an Arduino Mega 2560, so in this board there are two connectors for the Z axis. I connect both but they don't move at the same time so it does not work properly, I don't know if I have to configure something specific in the arduino code that the Repetier Host tool creates or what is happening.

Any idea ?



  • They just map the output to 2 sockets so both pins always get the same signal. Is normally used for 2 nema 17 motors. Not sure if the driver is good enough to control two nema 23. After all each gets only the half current with this solution.
  • Yes but the driver moves them because I'm trying with the manual mode and with little movements is OK, but when I try to move it 10/50/100 mm it does not move equally. So I'm not sure if I have to configure something in the Repetier Host tool or just I have to connect it to the pins.

  • Normally you need to limit max z speed. The higher the speed gets the more force you need and when you go too fast they loose steps. Having normally rather slow acceleration that might explain why short moves work and longer not where it can get more speed. So try limiting z max speed to 1 and see if it works. If so increase to find a secure limit.
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