Launch Ultimaker Cura when slicing and not just the Curaengine?

I've grown accustom to only using Repetier-Host to control my printer and slicing I've done with Slic3r.  Moving toward mutlicolor & multi-extruder printing, it seems Ultimaker Cura is very straight forward when slicing and combining, something I don't think can be done with Repetier.  Like I said, I love the Repetier interface for controlling my printer, but when I click Slice I'd like to launch the full Ultimaker Cura tool.  Is that possible?  What I've done to date is launch Cura and do my slicing and then load the gcode into Repetier.  Looking for advice since multi-extruder printing is very new to me.



  • No we only include the cureengine, so it is not possible to launch the cura app. So your current solution is th eonly one except maybe switching to prusaslicer which has better multi extruder support e.g. can use also only extruder 2.
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