writing to eeprom

Like most others, I am needing to offset my z-axis to clear the extruders. Is there a way to write a new value to the eeprom so that z-axis never hits the extruders?


  • On a side note, I am having my trouble getting my davinci printer to accept z offset values. No matter what value I place, it always homes to the same position
  • If I understand you correctly not. You always need to trigger the z endstop for homing and that height can only be changed physically. If you have only one endstop that z offset should be 0. You can go up after hitting z endstop on homing with
    #define ENDSTOP_Z_BACK_ON_HOME 5.0

    but that is not the right way. Correct way is to physically level bed or endstop so that z min is triggered at z=0.
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