sample prints

Is there any way to find out what the sample prints are without actually printing them all?


  • Load them in a host software with gcode preview. Repetier-Host or Repetier-Server Pro can do that.
  • Not sure I understand how to do that
  • I think with sample prints you mean already sliced files on your printers sd card. Put the sd card into your pc and open the file with one of the programs.
  • My davinci doesn't use an sd card, the samples are in the eeprom
  • Those were fine when I was using davinci firmware, now that I upgraded to repetier, I see sample files in the eeprom that I would like to know what they are before wasting time printing them.
  • repetier firmware has no sample files included, so i guess they are still the old ones
  • I am seeing samples in the eeprom, I printed one and it IS one of the davinci sample prints
  • Maybe it is part of the davinci fork, can't say. That is not from me. Or you are still on the original firmware. But there is no way to preview them if they are in flash memory.
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