how to reverse extruders

I have flashed my davinci 2.0 with repetier. The only issue I have left is the extruders are reversed. Is there a setting I am missing?


  • Direction comes from this setting:
    // set to false/true for normal / inverse direction
    #define EXT0_INVERSE false

    so set it to opposite or rotate motor connector 180°.
  • Is this setting in the configuration.h file? Do I set it to true?
  • Yes it is in configration.h and you set it to the opposite of what it now is.
  • Thank you
  • Can I just modify the value and compile/upload to my eeprom or do I need to clear the eeprom first?
  • You upload to flash, not eeprom. eeprom can stay and will normally with such small change. No problem here to be expected.
  • I worded my question incorrectly, I am looking to reverse extruder 1 and 2.
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    so you mean to swap extruder1 and 2 ?
    so extruder 1 shall be extruder 2 and extruder2 shall be extruder 1?

  • Yes, the firmware has extruder 1 on the right. I need it to be on the left.
  • Sorry,had it backwards, extruder 1 is on the left, need it on the right
  • So extruder 2 is now on the right? Just swap all config values between extruder 1 and 2.
    If you do not care about numbering just position of second extruder give second extruder a negative x offset so extruder switch gets correct positions.
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