Probe setting

hello, is it possible to take samples in XYZ from a 3D object?


  • You mean a physical object placed on bed and probe shape? You can do that with G30 command and move between positions with G0. Use start height higher than highest object part. And make sure that no other object would collide while testing - after all it is not made for this purpose.
  • yes a physical object placed on the bed, I want to sample an object on the bed and determine its position and size
  • You mean to set a coordinate system or for using z height map for something? As said you can only test from top at set xy positions. It is not possible to detect a object position by testing from sides like you do in cnc.

  • I'm understood, 
  • that is, it is not implemented in either repetier dev 2 or repetier 1.0.x?

  • Both are the same with that respect. For cnc it might come in V2 but since I'm very busy do not rely on any time plans. It has no priority since we focus on fdm mainly.
  • thank you very much!!

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