multi color A30T

je possède une Geeetech A30T, quand je met un objet en 3 couleurs , la tour de purge n'a que 2 couleurs et quand je l'imprime l'objet sort qu'a 2 couleurs 


  • k3dk3d
    edited February 2021
    I have a Geeetech A30T, when I put an object in 3 colors, the purge tower has only 2 colors 
    and when I print it the object comes out only in 2 colors
    i'm sorry i'm french and i use google translate
  • Are you using PrusaSlicer? CuraEngine only works with 2 colors.
  • comme je sais que A30T ne supporte pas Prusaslicer, j'utilise Curaengine 

  • Why do you think PrusaSlicer is not supported? It creates and supports even more firmwares then CuraEngine and has much more options to tweak quality.
  • I'm new to multi-color printing.  For the A30T Geeetech has the color mixer program that basically edits the gcode for a layer color change.  How would one approach parts of a model to be printed with different color on the same layers.  Think of two columns next to each other and joined (overlap); one must be red the other must be blue.  Puzzled.
  • As far as I know colormixer only changes mixing ratio for layers so that will not work with that software.
    If you use PrusaSlicer you assign each extruder a color and for each color you need an own stl file that together give the complete object. You assign an extruder to each extruder and slice it with multi extruder setup so it creates a prime pillar for color change as well.
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