Trouble with Logitech c920

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I just installed the software on my raspberry pi 4. It is connected through Ethernet. I can’t seem to get the USB plugged C920 to work. It doesn’t pop up. I tried MPJ and it wasn’t able to pull it from
GitHub. Just said not found. Any advice? I go
Into settings and nothing comes up even when I select add new webcam still nothing.

I also verified that camera was turned on through ssh interface. Says 1 supported but none found. It’s plugged into my USB 3.0 port on the PI


  • Are you using our pi image? There it should be auto detected and start as soon as you plug it in. No github required here and no setup, just add it in server webcam (add webcam and at bottom select and assign it). 

    In ssh you see video devices with
    ls /dev/v4l/by-id/

    If it changes after plugging it in you know the device and that it is supported (should be have several logitechs working)
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