Printrboard RevF motor current

How to set motor current for the Printrboard RevF ? For Rambo board there is command M908, but how is it done for Printrboard ?


  •  Looking into schematic I see it uses MCP4782 chip:

    So you need to select motherboard 92 which enables that chip. That enables M907-910. Guess you have selected rev a-D which have a trimpot instead of the DAC chip. 
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    Actually I have selected motherboard 92, dived into the source to see how the M907-M910 work.
    Tried several values, stored in eeprom but still can't get the motors to move at all.
    I'm out of ideas...

    Actually this board is named as Pirxboard, which is supposed to be based on the printrboard revf. Also downloaded the schematic of the board and the pin mapping is identical.
    However I'm leaning towards the fact that this is not the case and pin mapping is different as I noticed it is not only the motors not moving.

    I'll try to trace the pins on the board itself and get back with more info.
    Thank you for the help.
  • Also check if motors block when you enable printer. In that case the enable pin for drivers must be inverted. Some drivers need it regular others inverted.
  • Nope, they don't lock in place. I will try your suggestion. Thanks again for all the help.
  • Just an update, tried reverting the enable pins. Didn't work either.
    Tried lots of stuff, too many to mention here, couldn't make it work at all.
    Marlin 1.1.9 works fine so far. No idea what went wrong with repetier.
  • I don't have the board so can not say much to the problem. And V2 firmware will even drop these small processors and only support avr2560 as 8 bit processor. So maybe just stick with marlin in this case is best.
  • Apreciate the help and feedback :)
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