Repetier works with cnc lathe?

Hi there. I want to turn my hobby banch lathe to cnc one. I have few Rumba 3d printer controller boards(one works 3 year with 3d printer with Repetier 0.92), stepper motors, drivers, ball screws. I just seek cheap controller for 2 axis lathe, even without spindle coolant control.
Could Repetier firmware control cnc lathe?
Thank you in advance.


  • As long as you only need to move steppers along a path xy for a lathe it should work. There are no special codes for cooling or rotation control so that needs to be set manually or you need to modify the firmware to do so.
  • U say it's possiable but here I don't see lathe configuratin in tools section. And lathes don't have Y axis only X(cross) and Z(along side). What to do?
  • As I said there is no lathe config. Just use the motors - x and z - ignore y motor. You can not remove it but you don't need to connect it. Then you can control the motors with firmware and rotation/cooling must be controlled manually.
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