$250 donation for repetier on FLSUN Q5

I have a FLSUN Q5 delta printer with a MKS Robin Nano motherboard. I am willing to donate $250 to anyone who can help me run the repetier firmware on it.

Strangely I thought the original firmware was a Repetier variant because the GCode for the Delta Calibration uses G33 R0 and according to the reprap wiki for gCodes here  only Repetier and Redeem use that. 


  • Unlikely. The board uses a STM32F1 cpu which is not supported in V1 firmware. V2 repetier-firmware now supports at least the chipset, but only with the skr mini e3. For the MKS Robin Nano there is no board description, but that is solvable. If someone has a working board for this please let me know and I add it.
  • What do you need for a board description?

  • Just run V2 firmware. In STM32F1 you see 2 boards I think it is. Copy one to mkd_robin_nano.h and change all pin numbers to what that board uses. You also need to change some other files so it gets included.

    To make it easier select one of the existing boards modify it for you. If it works send me the file and I make the correct changes so it gets an own board id from us and we include it in git sources. 
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