Z correction not working

I'm still setting up my delta printer. Auto bed levelling works (G32 S2) but when I trie do use Z correction the following happens:

Error:Bpos x square
Warning:Invalid delta coordinate - move ignored x:-8798 y:8796 z:902
Warning:in queueDeltaMove to calculateDeltaSubSegments returns error.
Warning:moveToReal / queueDeltaMove returns error


  • Please check your eeprom. Some important variables are not correctly initalized there if you get such coordinates.
  • Can you give me a hint what I should do? I check the EEPROM values, they seem to be ok. The printer is working, I've printed some test parts.

  • If you are talking about G29 z correction, these are not in eeprom. What I see in eeprom is all ok, especially z- values for probing. For G29 you need to check

    /* DISTORTION_CORRECTION compensates the distortion caused by mechanical imprecisions of nonlinear (i.e. DELTA) printers
     * assumes that the floor is plain (i.e. glass plate)
     *     and that it is perpendicular to the towers
     *     and that the (0,0) is in center
     * requires z-probe
     * G29 measures the Z offset in matrix NxN points (due to nature of the delta printer, the corners are extrapolated instead of measured)
     * and compensate the distortion
     * more points means better compensation, but consumes more memory and takes more time
     * DISTORTION_CORRECTION_R is the distance of last row or collumn from center

    #define DISTORTION_CORRECTION         0
    #define DISTORTION_CORRECTION_R       80

    Most critical is the radius as it goes over a square with this radius and that must lie inside printable area.

  • There you go!

    DISTORTION_CORRECTION_R was set to a higher value than the maximum printer radius.
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