Status update for dev2

May I kindly ask for a status update for dev2 version?

Tested dev2 with a test sample with Rumba32, motors, hotends, homing sensors, but no real prints.

Now I#m asking myself, if it is time to move the Rumba32 board plus Repetier dev2 firmware to my selfmade cartesion printer (with Rumba and FW 1.0.4).
I like to stay productive for private use and want to avoid jumping back to old board and firmware.

Surely you can't guarantee, but would recommend switching to dev2?

Is the ToDo list for dev2 in github still valid?

Thanks in advance!


  • Todo is more or less correct. AVR is what I'm working at but how good it will work we will see. We use more floats the cpu speed might be a problem. But on rumba32 it should work with latest commit. There is still a chance that we change some functions, but what is implemented now will stay so and also stay working. If one of them does not work complain that we broke something and we fix it. Just make sure before switching that the required components are available. But I think all typical functions are there and the s-curve acceleration and some other improvements would be a gain.
  • Thank you very much. That helps with the decision!
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