16 Virtual Extruders with Prusa Slicer

I running a 2-extruder mixing (one output nozzle) system and decided to define the 16 virtual extruders in Repetier Host as allowed by the Marlin firmware. Everything runs great when no wipe tower is specified in the Prusa Slicer 2.3 Print settings.

However, when I tried to print 2 object with 2 different mix ratios simultaneously in the same build, only virtual extruders 1 to 5 works for the Prusa Slicer 2.3 with wipe tower running through Repetier Host. If I try to use any 2 virtual extruders from 6 to 16 with the wipe tower turned on, the slicing returns the error standard message saying file composition.gcode not found and slicing did not finish.

If I slice directly using the Prusa Slicer 2.3 console, all 16 virtual extruders allow slicing to be completed ok with or without wipe tower. So my conclusion is that there might be bug in the link from Repetier Host to Prusa Slicer.

If anyone has found a way around this, I'd like to know. If not, would be great for Repetier to fix this bug.
Thanks in advance.


  • I have put it on my todo for next release to check. Wanted to add 2.3 support anyway and publish it with this version.
  • Thanks! Looking forward to the update.
  • Ok that was a hard one. Reason was that we did not provide the wiping_volumes_matrix and the default matrix is for 5 extruders so using that with more extruders caused a crash of the slicer. In the gui this gets created automatically but when slicing we did not create gui hence no correction and crash. So will be fixed in 2.3.
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