PINDA 2 support


i would love to upgrade my printer (i3 Rework with IDEX, Rumba board) with the PINDA 2 bed leveling sensor. Now i could not find any settings for sensor+thermistor combination in Repetier firmware config. Did I miss something? If it is not possible yet: Are there any plans for future PINDA support?



  • There is no explicit pinda support. Is pinda 2 the version without temperature correction requirement? If it is just a pin that toggles at some level it can be used like any other inductive sensor with on/off switch. No special care required. But can't say for sure. Do you know the original part with datasheet for it? Guess there it would be easy to see.
  • Unfortunately, i do not own the sensor and can not find a datasheet. Some helpfull information here, but no details:

    The nice thing about that sensor is, that it works with 5V - so no need for voltage conversion. But the measurement seems to be temperature dependent. So the sensor has a built in thermistor and probably there has to be done some maths in the firmware to calculate an offset for different temperatures.

  • That description is for pinda. According to the pinda 2 includes a thermistor for the drift deviation. But seems it still needs to be done in firmware. So that is a bit special and would be done in V2 firmware some time maybe. There we can have different probe types with special requirements. We already have bltouch as optimized probe. Same would be needed for pinda 2.
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