How can I recover a print manually?

I use repetier-server on a raspberry pi to host all my print jobs.  This is the first time I have ever had such a long print just stop in the middle.  Everything seemed fine when I returned to check on it, the extruder and bed temps were still normal but the printer just stopped trying to print in the middle of the print.  I had not turned on the Rescue module yet.  So I have NOW enabled that module in hopes it helps me in the future.

For now, I'm trying to see if there is a way I can manually recover this print.  My thoughts were to see if it was possible to start a print from scratch and just print the "top half" of the print, then just super glue them together or something.  As of now, the print has been removed from the bed.



  • After removing print there is no way to continue. As long as it sticks you can upload a new gcode starting at the stopped position and enable heaters before and position extruder to correct height. That is actually more or less what the rescue system does plus it logs how far it did print already so it knows where to continue.

    You need to configure the mode and test it before it works reliable. How depends on printer. E.g. if printer moves head after connection lost or not and what to do on connect e.g. move head then to prevent sticking to print/oozing and then wait for continue.

    There is also the option to automatically continue after a short break if problem was a lost connection.
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