M203, max extruder speed has no effect

M203 E200 should limit my extruder to 200mm/min right?

I have some heavy extrusion on the first layer that exceeds 200mm/min, but even M203 E1 has no effect.
I'm using repetier 1.04 and 5 extruder mixing hotend. What am I doing wrong?


  • That is only until next extruder change which will overwrite value with stored max speed for that extruder. You better should change the value in eeprom settings instead. That also makes it permanent so you don't need to change it all the time.
  • Ah thanks, extruder change overwriting stored max speed explains why I got working behavior the first time.

    Limiting all 5 extruders to say 10mm/s, does it mean my actual speed is 50mm/s?

  • I don't think so. For mixing it will use the value in extruder 1. Note that this is extrusion speed not head move speed.
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