Homing and Printing Problems

Hi I just built my first 3D printer (Graber i3) and I was wondering if it's normal when you're homing the printer and hits the endstop, because after the homing is complete I can't connect to the Repetier Host again unless I move the axis manually. Also when I put any file to print the axis hit the endstop and the printing stops.


  • At each end stop it should go back a bit and then retest and then eventually go a bit back to release end stop.
    If you have ALWAYS_CHECK_ENDSTOPS 1 it will always test endstops and can prevent moves if a end stop is triggered in move direction.

    But even if moves get ignored, it would connect and you can ask e.g. current position in manual control
    and see result in log at the bottom.

    Also with endstop triggered you should be able to connect - if you have problem again hit reset button on printer instead. It might be that you are still homing and it takes a long while until firmware reacts again. So please check if you see the move back or not. If not then homing is just not completed and the question is why that is the case. Correctly configured it stops move on endstop hit. But if you have set to have 2 endstops for one axis (z axis has this sometimes) the move continues until both endstops are hit or the move is finished (which can take a while for z).
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