Use Heated Bed as Filament Dryer

i thought, maybe i can use my 3D Printer with the Heated Bed as a filament dryer. In our 3D Printers we already have a controllable heat source, why use a extra box or so....
Only thing is: how can i control how long the Heated Bed heats?
Is G4 the right G-Code?

M140 S55 //Set Bed to 55 °C 
G4 S21600 // Wait 6 hours
M140 S0 //Turn off 

Is this a possible solution? Can the G4 Code wait that long?


  • I theory yes. Problem might be if you have configured firmware to shut down after a time being idle. 

    And you need some box around filament so heat stays inside but also have some air holes so humidity can escape.
  • Is there a g-code for disabling/setting the shut down timer? is M85 the correct one?
  • Yes, M85 S0 would disable the inactivity timer. And checking the code that is in deed the one disabling all heaters.
  • I have used heated beds on CR-10s, X1, mk3s printers as a filament dryer. Mk3s has a timeout, doesn't work well. Then I bought a food dehydrator, that works much better.
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