Raise z after home

How can I raise the z by 10mm after it homes?
As it is right now, everything homes x0, y0 and z0, i would like it to home to x0 y0 and z0 then raise the z off of the bed by 10 mm (so the nozzle does not just sit on the bed. I dont want to change the home position, i just want to raise the extruder off of the bed after it homes.


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    G1 Z10 F600
    after G28 homing. In many firmwares you can configure this as well so that you define a homing position for Z then you can omit that but you need to compile a new firmware.

    In next server release 0.94.4 you can also make all G28 get extended to add more commands so it happens then automatically.
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