Dual x axis motors problem

Hello, I'm setting up a system with dual x axis motors. I have selected "Mirror motor signals to other stepper driver (FEATURE_TWO_XSTEPPER)" in the firmware. During testing, the motors rotate appropriately (in opposite directions) when moving forward in the +x direction, but when moving backwards in the -x direction, the motors' rotation aren't mirrored causing movements in opposite direction. Any help would be deeply appreciated. 


  • When you have FEATURE_TWO_STEPPER it is not dual x axis. Dual x axis has DUAL_X_AXIS 1 and can move both independently. Each extruder then has a motor. SO what do you really have?

    When moves are always in same direction the direction signal is ignored or set by another function also unlikely. Try using a different extruder socket for the second x motor and see if it improves. Then you know the dir pin is the problem. Can also be stepper driver defect not being able to switch. Or just a bad soldering giving no contact to dir pin.
  • Bad wording on my part, it is a mirrored setup, so I want both stepper motors to rotate at the same time but in opposite direction. I will try to test with different extruder socke.
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