home offset question

I just updated the firmware on this machine and now the x axis hits the home switch and then moves about 18 mm from the switch and calls that home. 
I have looked in the Config tool and I cannot seem to locate where this is defined.
I looked in the configuration.h file and found a line for xoffset that was set to 18, I set that to 0 and re-uploaded. 
X axis still hits the home switch and then moves. I don't have this on my Y Axis (it hits the home switch and stops).

Could this failure to change (assuming I am changing the correct line in the configuration.h file) be related to the odd way of updating the firmware? When I upload with Arduino, I need to watch the status bar, just before it gets to the end and starts to upload, I have to hit the printer reset switch or the upload will fail with an error "avrdude: stk500v2_getsync(): timeout communicating with programmer"


  • did you check if eeprom is updated ?  see repetier host eeprom editor

  • i change the eeprom from 1 to 2 (not sure how to get the information from the board itself to see if changes have actually been made.
    I did find that the configuration.h file had one line that included 3 !!!.. I removed 2 of those and the file "says" it uploads, I am just not sure how to see if it actually has uploaded.

  • ok. found the issue with the X Offset (in the Repetier Host EEProm Editor).. There was an offset defined for extruder #2 (this printer has 3 extruders) that was not evident in the online configuration tool. 
    Thank you for the information !!

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