Total newbie trying to access firmware

I have just assembled a TRONXY X1 which is fitted with a MELZI 2.0 board and Repetier Firmware and wish to know how to access said firmware to see the settings. When I connect the printer with the computer it shuts the computer down and I have to disconnect it to restart the computer! I have run the printer from the card and the print was not good, initial layer was put down too fast and too cold, also during the print the infill speed was far to fast and no extrusion made it to the print. How can i adjust the settings for speed in particular. thank you, Geo.


  • What do you mean that it shuts the computer down? Printers are not able to do so. They only have a serial connection.

    You can not access all firmware settings. But you can see many settings if you have eeprom usage enabled. Then M205 reports all settings stored there. Also M360 might report a lot of settings. But things like thermistor type are only internally available.

    Too fast and too cold sound like your slicer settings are not good. There you define printing speed and temperature.
  • It is the USB cable, when it plugs in from the printer the computer restarts !

    How do you get eeprom usage enabled ?? I am not computer literate! Is this on the micro sd card? This is the only way I can communicate with the printer. I was reading on the various forums that one should set up the configuration of the printer first and to do this is it necessary to access the current settings?
    The slicer I am using is slic3r but I cannot find in there where to change speed etc. Thanks
  • Eeprom is only readable with proper host software and that requires usb connection.

    How do you upload a firmware when computer restarts on plugging in usb cable? 
    Could this be an answer to a defect usb cable or wrong voltages on usb? Or drawing too much current from usb.
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