BLTouch version compatibility

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I have a Prusa Steel with RAMPS and Repetier firmware and I'd like to upgrade it with the bed leveling feature using the BLTouch sensor.

Since I need to choose the BLTouch sensor to buy, I'd like to know if the Repetier firmware supports all the BLTouch versions, including v3.1. I've found some posts about compatibility issues between BLTouch v3 (and newer) and Marlin.

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  • When I last wrote a improbed bltouch for V2 (dows not work on ramps for now) I did not see a incompatibility. It communicates with servo and there is no special support in V1 for it. So all you do is set deploy and undeploy position with M340 in z probe activate/deactivate. So should be no problem.
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