TB6600HG stepper driver + ramps + repetier firmware

My name is Iñaki, I use your firmware/host and I'm very happy with it, many thanks!!! 
A collegue has a CNC router controlled with mach3.
I'd like to experience, wheter this could be controlled with arduino/ramps controller, repetier firmware and the TB6600HG stepper driver (HY-DIV268N-5A) he has, instead of the pololus.
 I took the enable, dir, step/pulse and ground from the pololu socket (I've configured firmware so E1 is X axis ) and conect them to the drivers digital inputs
When I swich on the system and  tells to move x axe, repetier host powers the motor but don't move it. So at least they comunicate each other.
I've the sense that the problem comes from the firmware stepper configuration that may need to be configured for this stepper driver.
Maybe some of you could advise me where to start from changing these stepper parameters.
Many thanks for all and regards!!
Iñaki Leizaola 


  • Printer firmware uses very short step signals. Especially big cnc stepepr drivers need here a higher delay for them to recognize the steps. In config too in expert mode you can set these delays. Check your driver docs for the required high time. WIthout extra delay it is around 2-5us.
  • Hello roland

    im using a bigger driver for a printer with a 2.5 delay and 5 us direction delay 

    when im trying to change  STEPPER_HIGH_DELAY  to 2.5 us  

    im getting a complie error there is no problem changing direction delay 

    im getting this massage on arduino compiler   

    In file included from /Repetier.h:821,
                     from BedLeveling.cpp:95:
    /Printer.h:1050:5: error: floating constant in preprocessor expression

    i was trying i thing every thing only changing HIGH STEPPER DELAY causes this ERR

    many thanks 

  • ok i got it so i cant use . 
    i can use only numbers , so how i configure 2.5 us sec ?

    can i configure in nano sec ?
  • No only microseconds are possible. With 2.5 use 2 that should normally work. You have already some delay from other commands, the delay you set just gets added.
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