Dev2: "RUMBA32_F446VE" no found

I am using a RUMBA32 MKS
I have a compilation problem with the latest updates: the folder "RUMBA32_F446VE" is not found.
".../src / Repetier / src / boardFiles / rumba32 / RUMBA32_F446VE" not found

I think it's since the library change in platformio.ini

extends       = stm32f4446ve_common
board         = RUMBA32_F446VE

I haven't had this problem with versions using:

platform      = ststm32@8.0.0
framework     = arduino
board         = RUMBA32_F446VE

How can I solve this problem?


  • I could compile it normally. Sometimes you need to clean compilation (trashbin) and recompile all. Maybe compiler is confused because now the modified files are in boardFiles and previously we used the one that came with the stm32 package in platformio. It it still doe snot work make sure you have latest commit and post the error. Maybe I see then more.
  • I cleaned up the compilation, but it doesn't change anything.

    To test I downloaded the latest version of V2 and I only changed "default_envs = RUMBA32" in plaformio.ini and "#define MOTHERBOARD MOTHERBOARD_RUMBA32" in Configuration.h

    This displays the same issues.

    I did the same test with a PC on Windows  (I usually use an iMac). Same result.

    The "RUMBA32_F446VE" folder also did not exist in older versions, but it was not requested.

    Maybe this file is not very important?

    If that can help, here are my config files:



  • Ok this is no real problem. No idea at the moment why platformio adds that folder to include directories. It does not exist and is also not used. You will see when you compile you get a success. You can delete the 2 lines from c_cpp_properties.json and message also disappears. Guess it comes from original rumba json description but we redefine folders to our own version.
  • Thank you for your quick feedback
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