2020 compatible boards

Good morning, i seen some good info on this firmware
I have an ender 5 plus, that i would like to switch the board and firmware 
Currently using skr 1.3 with the 5th driver running the 2nd z motor, for self dual z alignment by using the bltouch 

What 32b  silent uart board is currently compatible
And is independent dual z supported? 


  • > self dual z alignment by using the bltouch
    If I understand it correctly it is not supported. We have support for printers with 3 z motors to automatically align bed. We can also adjust 2 z motors with end stops individually. But with bltouch that is not possible only software leveling the complete bed in that case. But interesting idea to do that to optimize at least x direction. Will put it on V2 todo.

    Compatible boards depend on firmware version. Current stable branch V1 can only handle due based 32 bit boards. So here the RADDS board would be a good choice.

    The V2 version is already working but might get bigger changes between updates or have some minor bugs no one detected so far. It is designed to support more 32 bit architectures (which are the only type working). Here the RUMBA32 might be an interesting choice which is already supported. RADDS works on both and would also work with some problems with the Adafruit Grand Central M4 board but requires a 4.7K pullup for I2C connector to make eeprom work.

    skr 1.3 is planned for future in V2. Actually it is the next 32 bit platform I want to add. Board already here. But no release date.
  • Regarding the skr 1.3, i have 2, 1 in the ender 5 and another on a delta, 
    So far is my favorite btt board , but marlin or getting klipper to work sucks 
    I am willing to test it out 
  • Ok, but guess it will take 1-2 month before it will be available. Best is to watch dev2 branch of repetier firmware and watch it so you see mods. Then you should automatically see when the skr should be working.
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