Output Bed MTEMP code

Hi all,

I'm changing the firmware from my printer and would like to monitor bed temperature on Repetier-Host. I've found the correct code for the "Output Extruder" here: https://github.com/repetier/Repetier-Host/wiki/Temperature-control

But I can't find any reference to the "Output Bed". Neither on the net, neither on the Repetier firmware.

Is there extra params on MTEMP to the output bed? Is there a different "verb"?




  • Recent host versions have a selector to show bed output as well in temperature curve. Requires also a firmware that supports it. 0.91 does send bed output, not sure since which version this is the case.
  • Hi, the question is what is the protocol that it uses.

    On the code on extruder.cpp I find:

    void writeMonitor()

        TemperatureController *act = tempController[manageMonitor];

    I was expecting extra information about the heatbed and, possibily, about aditional extruders.



  • No, don't use the monitor feature. That is not needed any more. The normal M105 will give all informations needed for all extruders and bed at once. Set repeat time to1 second if needed in printer settings.
  • Ok. 

    Then: MTEMP auto reporting from firmware is deprecated and the monitor results are parsed from M105 response.

    Can you show me a couple of M105 responses? I've found the Commands::printTemperatures function, but all the Com::t* stuff isn't very clear on how it should appear at the end.



  • No need, its done.

    M105 response should look like:

    ok T:42 /0 B:29 /0 B@:0 T0:42 /0 @0:0 /4

    Don't miss the spaces before the '/', they are important.


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