Homing not working as expected (does not stop)

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Using Rumba32 and repetier dev2 I have the following Problem:

I move somewhere in the center of my bed. Using M119 I get something like
endstops hit: x_min:L y_max:L z_max:H

Which ist correct, because z is at maximum and hits the end stop.

When I move by hand to the x-axis min hard stop I get
endstops hit: x_min:H y_max:L z_max:H

makes sense.

When I press homing while position is somewhere in the center, it moves correctly towards x-axis min, but it does not stop. I cannot read the endstop value by M119, because during homing the communication seems to be blocked (makes sense).
I press either reset or wait till it stops the homing without result. Using M119 I get the result
endstops hit: x_min:H y_max:L z_max:H

For noise supression I added some capacitors parallel to the switch.

Am I doing something wrong? The endstops for x, y and z are the same type. So I do not understand, why this homing does not work.
Every movement is done using repetier server.

My main configuration of the endtsops is the following:


// ################ Endstop configuration #####################

#define DOOR_PIN -1
#define DOOR_PULLUP 1

// Define your endstops inputs


ENDSTOP_SWITCH_HW(endstopXMin, IOEndstopXMin, X_AXIS, true)
ENDSTOP_SWITCH_HW(endstopYMax, IOEndstopYMax, Y_AXIS, true)
ENDSTOP_SWITCH_HW(endstopZMax, IOEndstopZMax, Z_AXIS, true)


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    ENDSTOP_SWITCH_HW(endstopXMin, IOEndstopXMin, X_AXIS, false)

    should do the trick.

    false  = homing to min , true =homing to max

    so as z is homing to max it´s working correct. if y is homing to min also change to false

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    Thanks, I read that manual, but obviously too fast. I did not expect the need of entering two times the direction:
    #define X_HOME_DIR -1

    And here:
    ENDSTOP_SWITCH_HW(endstopXMin, IOEndstopXMin, X_AXIS, false)

    It might make sense to translate "X_HOME_DIR" to false/true using some code, what I am yet not able to do.

    Now it stops, moves back as expected, than looks again for the endstop. So far so good.
    But than it tries to move to a position smaller than the endstop, hitting the end of my printer.
  • Looks like the endstop is defined as 0 mm.

    If I set "x-axis distance after homing" to 0 it does not move.

    "x-axis min position" is set to -65mm. Therefore I thought I need to set "x-axis distance after homing"to -65mm.

    Where do I set the position of the endstop?

  • Distance after homing is just to get away from the endstop so it is not triggered any more. It is independent of the position so think of it as a relative distance.

    min/max positions are defined by this
    #define X_MAX_LENGTH 420
    #define Y_MAX_LENGTH 420
    #define Z_MAX_LENGTH 595.596
    #define X_MIN_POS -210
    #define Y_MIN_POS -210
    #define Z_MIN_POS 0

    just put your value sthere.
  • Repetier said:
    Distance after homing is just to get away from the endstop so it is not triggered any more. It is independent of the position so think of it as a relative distance.

    Ok, handling it as a relative position change explains it. And you are right, a distance is alway relative... damn math/physics definitions. I like them, but sometimes I don't expect others to use them in the correct way. I apologize for this.
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