Laser pwm frequenty low

Dear experts!

I transformed my 3d printer for laser module. If it need vectorgraphics draw, its works well. ( The laser works, or not works)
But, if it need graw gray halftone, the laser only flash. Approx 16Hz?
How can i enlarge the PWM frequenty?

Thank you!


  • Currently this is not available out of the box in V1. In fact it never will. If you have a due based board you can try using V2 firmware version where this can be driven by a hardware pwm. In V1 you need to modify the sources to use a hardware pwm that is unused. Not sure how you patched it to get 16Hz at the moment - or are you using the fan as output and not using the special laser mode? If you check the forum I have posted a simple solution for the laser module already in case the pin is using timer 4 or 5 on a arduino mega2560 or unused timer for due.
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