V2 - Compilation Error with HEAT_MANAGER_BANG_BANG


I am trying to configure V2 firmware to MKS Rumba32

I would like to use the « Bang-bang » function to manage my heater bed, but I am having a compilation problem.

I get these errors:


src\drivers/heatManager.h:164:7: note:   candidate expects 1 argument, 10 provided

src\drivers/heatManager.h:164:7: note: candidate: 'constexpr HeatManagerBangBang::HeatManagerBangBang(HeatManagerBangBang&&)'

src\drivers/heatManager.h:164:7: note:   candidate expects 1 argument, 10 provided

*** [.pio\build\RUMBA32\src\Configuration.cpp.o] Error 1



"message": "no instance of builder \" HeatManagerBangBang :: HeatManagerBangBang \ "match argument list - argument types are: (char, int, TempBed1Class *, PWMBed1Class *, int, int, int , int, int, bool) ",


"message": "no matching function for call to 'HeatManagerBangBang::HeatManagerBangBang(char, int, TempBed1Class*, PWMBed1Class*, int, int, int, int, int, bool)'",

#define HEAT_MANAGER_BANG_BANG(name, tp, index, input, output, maxTemp, maxPwm, decVariance, decPeriod, hotPlugable) \

    HeatManagerBangBang name(tp, index, &input, &output, maxTemp, maxPwm, 1000, decVariance, decPeriod, hotPlugable);

Here is the configuration that I used:

HEAT_MANAGER_BANG_BANG(HeatedBed1, 'B', 0, TempBed1, PWMBed1, 120, 255, 5, 1000, 


I think I have respected the number of arguments requested.

Can anyone help me?



  • Ok you are the first one using bang bang I guess since it was a missing constructor in class definition. Have added it not, so update from github and it should compile.
  • OK, Thanks
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