Y Axis does not move probably while printing


I have a problem with my Y Axis. If I print something every layer is moved some mms back so the print is not straight up. On the X Axis it is perfect. I have Repetier-Firmware 0.92 and tried it with MatterControl and Repetier-Host. Same Problem.

I hope anybody can help me


  • If it is always away from endstop then it is crosstalk.

    You could twist the endstop cable or upgrade to latest 0.92 where the new endstop handling hopefully filters this.
  • I don't think this is because of crosstalk because I already have the latest 0.92 installed and I fixed the problem with crosstalk on the Z Axis. It only moves some Milimeters and not like it would hit the endstop.
  • Ok if your firmware is from last week you have the fix. But you did not say if it is always away from endstop or also the other direction. If it is  there could be loosing steps from acceleration too high, pulley slipping, ...
  • I have this problem.  It is always away from the endstop.  Also, when the travel exceeds the endstop, the print continues with excess material building up as the code says move but mechanical endstop limit is already reached.  Shouldn't hitting the Y min endstop halt attempts to travel beyond Y=0, or perhaps halt the print?
  • Fist what is you check always endstop setting? Only if enabled it will prevent moves past endstop.

    On the other side if print goes away from endstop how can it get over it? That would require the opposite direction and is only a endstop issure if always check endstops is enabled.
  • I have enabled endstop checking and no longer go beyond the limits of the bed.  However, I am still dropping Y steps, still always away from the endstop (not moving the bed away from Ymin).  Eventually, within the first few layers, the extruder ends up building a puddle of PLA as it moves back and forth along Y=0. The wire for the endstop is a ribbon and so can't easily be braided.  Must this have a shielded cable or something?

    Thank you for your continued help.

  • If you use latest 0.92.3 firmware will give a message when endstop is triggered. Since it is now enabled and after homing you should not hit it you should also not see the message then in log. Esecially with new cross talk detection. If you still see it cross talk is so extreme that it still gets triggered stopping moves, Then you need to twist endstop cables or move them away from motor cable. 

    There are other reasons e.g. with cnc stepper drivers direction changes may need might higher delays. Typically used drivers don't need it.

    Loose y pulley is another thing. Acceleration/travel speed too high an other.
  • So I am using the Firmware 0.92.8, and am having an issue where the Y Axis seems to be moving out of sequence.

    The Y Axis seems to be moving fine for a couple of layers, then the print moves offset a few mm, in the direction of the Y Axis.

    The movement is the away from the Y Axis end stop.

    Then for a layer or two, the print seems to not offset again.

    Any suggestions of how to fix ?

  • Disable 


    so it does not test endstops during print. With crosstalk wrong signals can cause this. An indication if it is always away from endstop and never the other direction.

  • Hey,

    Thanks for the response...

    when i checked the setting "#define ALWAYS_CHECK_ENDSTOPS 0",  It seems that this was already set to zero....

    Sorry I was wrong in my previous comment.... "The movement is the away from the Y Axis end stop."

    The Y Axis is moving towards end stop when I have the issue...

    any other suggestions ?

  • If you have a moving bed the mass can be the problem. Try reducing xy jerk and y acceleration and maybe even max. y speed. Also motor current could maybe optimized.
  • Well changing the xy jerk and y acceleration did not seem to help

    XY jerk now set to 10

    Y acceleration now set to 100, then 500

    any other suggestions ?

  • How hot does y driver get? Could it be thermal protection?
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