Separate controls for extrusion multiplier in custom plugin

Hi! I made a custom plugin for Repetier-Host to control a dual extrusion printer that work with pastes. In the plugin that I made, there are two knobs that control the extrusion multiplier, one for each extruder. I'd like to know if there's a way to, after the printing has started with the RunJob() method, identify when the Host sends a "change tool" command such as "T0" and inject the command for the extrusion multiplier. In other words, is there a way to know which line has been sent (a way to my plugin read the Log, for instance) and use host.Connection.injectManualCommand(); when it sees a change tool gcode?


  • The gcode analyser has a event
     public event OnAnalyzerChange eventChange;

    that gets called when the extruder has changed. It also gets called on other occasions so check if it is a tool change why it was called. Target handler gets no parameter.

    You get the analyser from the printerconnector instance
           GCodeAnalyzer Analyzer

    This is hopefully fast enough to inject it for next line. Will not work when printing over repetier-server since then the server controls the sending process.
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