Advanced manufacturing question, variables imbedded in code.

Can a variable be included in an end of run process?

Situation:    At the end of a two print process, the multi-head Extruder moves to an off the bed location.  This allows removal of parts and sets the print head ready for the next batch of prints.
This location where the head parks has a “sticky side out” strip of tape 80mm long, that catches the extra, post stringing filament, from the nozzles.

Proposed solution:     Is there a variable that can be added to the X axis that can randomly park the head on the tape position by a variable of 10mm?

Results:    This variable will change the park location each time, just enough, to access a new part of the tape allowing several runs before tape needs to be cleaned of the filament. 

A Guess at the code:  G0 X 25 +/-  5

Is this possible?


  • Currently no variables or computations are possible. Maybe in a later version. 

    But since it is the end of print you could run an external script that sends the final moves back using the web API. That script might even remember last used position so it always adds 0.5mm until the end of the strip and then restart.
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