Prusa MK3 i3 with MMU2S setup

I have been in 3D printing for a short time, until now with good satisfaction, I own a Prusa MK3 i3, on which I have mounted the MMU2S, someone kind can give me directions to make a good printer setup.
Thank you all


  • Try this setup:

    it has all workarounds I use included. Maybe you need to change webcam or personal taste settings.
  • Thank you so much, where do I upload the .xml file? Forgive my inexperience, I have been in the 3D world for a short time

  • I guess it needs to be loaded as "PRINTER SETTINGS"? 
  • In home dashboard you can with th eplus icon "Upload existing configuration". Use that to install a new printer with existing configuration.
  • Thanks a lot, done and it works great
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    @Repetier is  this setup compatible with the newest version of Repetier Server?
  • New values get automatically added, so I think it should work if link still works. The main trick is to have 5 extruders and all use extruder 1 for temperature setting/getting. And enable firmware is visible if firmware is not running in connection settings.
  • Works :) Thanks.
  • @Repetier I have another question. Is it possible to set Prusa i3 MK3 with MMU2S kit in single mode? I often print in single extruder mode, but the printer asks for a filament (1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5) every time.
  • The question does not come from us. Just select the single headed prusa in your slicer. Or edit the generated gcode after slicing. There is I think
    in the regular start g-code when using MMU profile for slicing. This is just the command to ask for the extruder to use for single color print. If it is missing the active extruder is used.

    Alternative solution is to add in printer configuration->G-Codes->Replacements a rule
    to be replaced by nothing so it always removes that line. But that means it always removes it even if you want it for a print.
  • Yes, but when I select single headed prusa in my slicer the printer always ask for choose filament slot number (from MMU).
    I will try to put these G codes to check if printer automatically choose one - first.
  • > Yes, but when I select single headed prusa in my slicer the printer always ask for choose filament slot number (from MMU).

    That is because you use single head print from Prusa MK3 MMU so they know you have 5 extruders and add it. See start g-code in slicer printer settings. Would not happen if you say you have the straight MK3 without MMU I think.
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    OK, I modify start G code in printer profile in PrusaSlicer from Tx to T0 and now when I send gcode from PrusaSlicer to Repetier the printer never ask a extruder but automaticaly select first one, so I don't have to be around the printer and choose right extruder on each print.
    BUT when I change printer profile to without MMU I have "This g-code is for other printer, continue anyway?" on the screen, so changing Tx to T0 in start G code does the job.
  • Thanks for the info. Looks like the added then a new code to check printer version. Did not have this so far, probably need to use newer configs to get this.
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