steps change on LCD Knob

i will change steps on Lcd knob bzw. encoder,how can i it make?


  • You can change it in host or server. I don't think the menu has an entry for steps.
  • with one tick when drive on knob make on menu two line
  • That is easy. Your encoder speed is wrong.

    /* Normally cou want a next/previous actions with every click of your encoder.
    Unfortunately, the encoder have a different count of phase changes between clicks.
    Select an encoder speed from 0 = fastest to 2 = slowest that results in one menu move per click.
    #define UI_ENCODER_SPEED 1

    so increase the value by 1 that you have and it should then have the correct speed.
  • #define UI_ENCODER_SPEED 2           /    work    thanks
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