Is there a way to connect the Duet Panel Due screen to the ramps board and adjust the repetier firmware to use this display?
The plugs are similar.  Any leads on this???


  • Might be a problem with voltage. Duet is 3.3V system and ramps 5V. You should check that. Also you need a second serial connection for the panel due as far as I know, so you need to make sure 2 pins with a free serial are not used.
  • Thanks.  what type of LCD/touch screen displays exist which could be used over repetier/Ramps/Arduino? Price is not an issue.  I came across BigTreeTech which I suspect can run with the setups I have but I have not been able to gather any information how to get hooked or if there are others.  The Full Discount Graphics are a bit small .
    any suggestions appreaciated.
  • The touch screens all connect via serial and must support the firmware they are connected to. Not sure how they work with repetier or if they are 5V tolerant. We only test the one that we control directly like RRD display. Therefore the menu is much more optimized for firmware and less problems are to expect with the cost of not looking that nice.
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